Pre/Post Care



24-48 Hours Prior to Spray Tan Session                                                                                 

Waxing or shaving must be done within 24-48 hours before your tanning appointment.  This will allow the pores to close back up before your appointment.  Get your manicure/pedicure 24 hours done before your tanning appointment.

Day of your Spray Tan Session

  • The day of your spray tan (within 3 hours) or the night before, shower & exfoliate from head to toe.  Do not use bar soaps to exfoliate(No Dove soap). Do not use oil based exfoliating body washes or scrubs.  All these items create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan will not absorb properly.
  • Do not have any lotions, deodorant, or makeup (if possible) on your skin.
  • You can tan in a bathing suit, underwear, thong, strapless bra, or whatever you feel comfortable in.  Ladies may tan nude.  Men need to wear bottoms, shorts, bathing suit or boxers.
  • Wear loose fitting, darker colored clothing (NO jeans or yoga pants) and loose slip on shoes for after your tan.

Immediately After Your Session

  • Refrain from getting wet at all (including washing of hands) or sweating before your first shower.  The longer the better.
  • You can apply cosmetics after you are completely dry.
  • Don’t shower for at least 8-12 hours after your tanning session (warm water rinse with no use of soap, shampoo or conditioner).  When drying off, pat dry with towel.  No rubbing.  Wait until bronzer is all rinsed, water will run clear.  Use your hand as a wash cloth.  Keep the skin hydrated with a good moisturizer to make the tan last longer (post shower).  If using a Rapid solution you will shower within 1-4 hours (your technician with inform you of the time)
  • If sleeping in your tan where long sleeve shirt and long pants, if possible.

After 24 Hours of Tanning Session

  • You can shower with gentle body cleansers, shampoo and conditioner.  NO DOVE SOAP!!
  • Do not you use any scrubs until your next tanning session.
  • Keep skin healthy and hydrated with a moisturizer morning and night.